Onda Piumata - La Fanfara dei bersaglieri di Bergamo

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The Section

"General Arturo Scattini" of Bergamo

ANB Section of Bergamo, was founded in 1924 by several veterans of World War I, was first dedicated to the brave Colonel Eugenio De Rossi, Commander of the glorious 12 th Regiment.
The Bersagliere
Andrea Panzeri, Gr.Uff. and Cav. Di Vittorio Veneto, was the first, and for many years the President of Section, the boy from "99", which first landed in Trieste, November 3, 1918, after 10 years in Bergamo founded the great industry, "Chemical Panzeri Soc." .
In 1971, the section inaugurated monument to the Bersagliere, while in 1972, the Labaro (section Flag) is dedicated to the
General Arturo Scattini, from Bergamo, who was awarded the Military Order of Savoy and Honorary President of the National Association of Bersaglieri

In 1988 is organized and carried out the 36th National Meeting, in 1990 the President Bers.Casari Gianprimo asked the Bers. Virginio Del Prato to provide a Fanfara of the Bersaglieri.
In the following years the section is affected by a series of deaths involving the tireless president Casari also suffering from a terminal illness and after a few years, also the new president
Bers. Gianpietro Ferri leave us, and so the section survives with the Fanfara group and some bersagliere.
With the arrival of the new president
Ghidoni, and the resounding success of Fanfara, a new plumed wave (Onda Piumata) run through the streets of Bergamo, and so the "Scattini" rise up with extraordinary determination, recruiting Bersaglieri just dismissed from the army and encouraging the old, to reach an interim goal of 116 members.
In a few years, as well as to establish good relations with local civilian authorities, the Bersaglieri of the "Scattini" maintain a respectful and friendly harmony with the nearby military barracks Regiments of Bersaglieri and even other army corps, and among the various activities sponsored and organized by flourishing section, we recall the most exciting and recent events:
Meeting of the Bersaglieri in Bergamo Alta, establishment of annual closure, the feast of June 18, Bersaglieri historical exhibition, opening of new offices etc.etc.

La Fanfara "Gen. Arturo Scattini
is being established within the Section
"Associazione Nazionale Bersaglieri di Bergamo"
which is based
in Via Carlo Alberto, 23
Quartiere Colognola - 24126 Bergamo

For membership of Bersaglieri and friends, please contact:

Bers. Pirletti Massimo

Tel. +39035-774044
Cell. +39340-8016878

or send an email by filling out the form below

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