Onda Piumata - La Fanfara dei bersaglieri di Bergamo

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The History

Military Orchestral Band "A.Scattini" from Bergamo

The History of the Fanfara A.Scattini from Bergamo.

The Fanfara of the Bersaglieri
(Military Orchestral Band) "General Arturo Scattini" of Bergamo, it is born October 28 th 1990, for wish of the head fanfare Bersagliere Virginio Del Prato, near the center A.N.B. of Bergamo.
The glorious walk of this feathered musical complex begins with an organic of 15 Bersaglieri, actually to reach the 40 actual components, that thanks to the appointment and seriousness of every individual it allows this innovative Fanfare to face the various appointments of representation to national level today (assemblies, ceremonies, patriotic demonstrations, ecc.ecc.) with a style of collective behavior, that goes above every other model.
In these years of intense activity, the musical exhibitions of the Fanfara in Bergamo, have received a growing suggeguirsi of successes in the roads, plazas and theaters of various cities of all Italy,mentre among the manifold performances to the foreign countries, we remember the places to International level more known where the
Fanfara "show" of Bergamo has honored with pride the Country and the body of the Bersaglieri: Charleroi and Curcelles in Belgium; Pertuj, Menton, Nice in France; Dresden, Bad Mergentheim, Schozberg, Munich in Germany; EL Alamein in Egypt; New York and New Rochelles in America, are alone some of the innumerable places where the Fanfara has strongly been wanted always receiving enormous success.
Since his constitution the Fanfara in Bergamo has maintained one one man show of his organic structure of group, that differentiates her/it from other Fanfares, granting only her various applications and exclusively with the own Bersaglieri, (without that is having to draw to second-rate musician of other Fanfares).
This choice (even if difficult and challenging) enables us to introduce ourselves in each event with a tested and cohesive group of not less than 30 musicians, all amateurs.
The preparation of the fanfare of Bergamo is constantly carried out alternating music schools with formal training on Tuesdays and Saturdays, where, in addition to improving military marches and hymns, is enriched, day after day, by developing the vast concert repertory, with personalized arrangements, tracks of Pop music, opera, folk and jazz.
This group, difficult to imitate, besides renewed periodically to maintain a a constant professional conduct, has created just another revolution, investing heavily in young people, offering at the headquarters of the Fanfare, some real music courses starting from the history of music, theory, music theory and practice, untill using a real musical instrument (brass, of course), all of this completely free, only to give every young the opportunity to know the art of music in an atmosphere rich in history and patriotic values, which enriches of strong moral principles, mind and soul of any future Bersagliere

The Fanfara Head

Bersagliere Virginio Del Prato

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