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Music archive

Music Archive

The music archive of the fanfare of the Bersaglieri of Bergamo, in its current configuration, it performs a essential support function to the various needs of requests ranging from musical concerts at various military parades in Italy and abroad.
The collection of this rich musical heritage is divided into two areas:
operational and historical


The operational store has about 260 scores, which are used for the activity of the Fanfare, which are as follows:


N 23

National Hymns

N 18

Military Hymns

N 12

Historical Hymns

N 86

Military marches

N 8

Symphonic Music

N 5

Music for religious ceremonies

N 15

Opera pieces

N 30


N 38

Pop Music

N 23




From the historical archives, shared by numerous documents and musical scores of various periods, covering most of the glorious history of the Bersaglieri.
About the patriotic songs, has been created a precious collections of original scores that through the art of music, have scored in every period of the history of the Homeland, unique among the many ideals.
The archive contains also a lot of material used by various orchestras, the manuscripts of the arrangements made by the most famous conductors.

The fanfare of the Bersaglieri, wanted and created the first two recordings on cassette and CD, just a demonstration of the continuous musical training, with the continuous pursuit of excellence in orchestral.
It also specifies that in addition to the meticulous research of original scores, the fanfare of Bergamo, is the only Fanfare Bersaglieri that, in all its musical performances (from "Flik Flok "to" In the Mood ") uses the traditional instruments , ie, not using pistons instruments, (with the only exception of the trumpet and flugelhorn altos), even trombones of any kind, but only using:
Low in Si, Mi and Fa
Flugelhorns tenors and baritones (Bombardini)
all, strictly cylinders

STORIA E MUSICA by Leandro Bertuzzo

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