Onda Piumata - La Fanfara dei bersaglieri di Bergamo

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Fanfara "Entertainment"

The Bersaglieri Band

Fanfara "Entertainment"

The performance of a musical carousel, proposed by the Fanfara of Bergamo, is developed with the alternation of several configurations of pure military music, everything is done in a variety of movements always running.

This exciting choreographic show, even if has a high level of difficulty, after years of preparation and teamwork, is done today in several events in Italy and abroad with a great synchronism of movements, accompanied by an overwhelming rush typical of the
Bersaglieri corps.

In the short sequence of photographs, some moments of the military gymnastic sample in Holland, with the presence of civil and military authorities and a large public.

Among these, other Fanfare who attended the show with extraordinary admiration and amazement for the tireless martial rhythm and timing of movements Fanfare "show" of Bergamo has offered them.

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