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The initiative which helps at train adults and children (in age limit) music fans with the teaching of a musical instrument in particular related to the group Fanfare of Bersaglieri, has now become a reality, a reality that for some years the group Fanfare Scattini has started, with excellent musical results, within its structure.

Music courses

The Fanfare Group "Scattini", aims to provide all interested students, the basic tools to speak of music for brass band Bersaglieri, its history and its repertoire in relation to the individual program for each individual concerned.
The classes are totally free of charge, and taught by qualified staff, and are supported by teaching materials based on Fanfare Bersaglieri offered for free.
After an individual assessment of each future Bersagliere, in relation to the commitment and dedication applied at this classes, each student will receive a musical instrument (obviously related to the Fanfare of Bersaglieri) to begin after the period of music theory, the stage of practical musical training.

Follow the Fanfare

The number allowed each year for membership in the courses should not exceed 10 participants, who may freely attend the musical tests of Fanfare Scattini, Wednesday and Saturday at our headquarters.
For any future Bersagliere who is part of the planned course of music, will be given the opportunity to follow the same fanfare during national events related to festivals, concerts, meetings ANB, To know and live the same moments and musical emotions that the Fanfare Scattini offers.

How to contact us

Sending a fax to

Write to
[email protected]

Indicate in your written request, full name, address and telephone number and age

You can fill out the form already prepared that you find in


Differently from other Fanfare Bersaglieri, even if the courses are free of charge, open to all, the group
Fanfare Bersaglieri "A. Scattini" of Bergamo has internal rules, which in addition to keeping a certain style of team is important for any candidate Bersagliere to evaluate, seriously, his choice.

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