Onda Piumata - La Fanfara dei bersaglieri di Bergamo

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Arturo Scattini

Generale di Corpo D'Armata


Knight in the Ordine Militare di Savoia

"Head of the Information Office of the High Command Armed Forces Albania during six months of rough war, in part on two fronts, with unremitting tireless energy, provident, even in the middle of serious difficulties in the environment, to organize and manage the complex work information on enemy armies by providing the commander a clear and timely understandings of the situation and the opponents. "

Front Albano - Greek - Yugoslavia
October 28, 1940 - April 23, 1941

In the photograph showing him the dedication reads:

"To all the Bersaglieri of my Bergamo
with love, admiration and with infinite wishes."
General Arturo Scattini
(former colonel in 1937 to 1939 commander of the 9th Regiment. Bersaglieri)
Honorary President of the National Bersaglieri Association.

Rome, 1 March 1968

Generale Arturo Scattini

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